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Sure belief and trust. Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of things even if you cannot see them. To have faith in Jesus means to trust him and believe what the Bible says about him.

A special time of celebration and eating. In the Bible, feasts celebrated the ways God helped his people.

The first crops that God's people would collect from their fields and give to God. This was a sign that everything the land produced belonged to God. In the New Testament, first fruits is the first part of a blessing that is received as a promise of more to come.

First Jewish Revolt
Revolt against Rome by the Jewish people that resulted in the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem in AD 70.

Cutting skin into strips and pulling it off of a living victim. Flaying was used by the Assyrians to torture their captives.

Vertical channels cut in the sides of columns.

Roman marketplace.

Design created by painting water colors onto wet plaster.

A design or series of low-relief sculptures forming an ornamental, horizontal band around a room or between the architrave and cornice of a building.

Cold room in Roman baths.