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Eastern Gate
Main entrance to the temple area in Jerusalem. In some traditions, it is believed to be the location of the Last Judgment. Also known as the Beautiful Gate.

Eastern Wall
Followed the original line dating from Solomon's days. The main feature in the wall, the Eastern Gate (see above), was the original eastern entrance to the Temple Mount. At one point, the walls of the temple rose more than 225 feet above the bottom of the Kidron Valley.

The place where Adam and Eve lived before the Fall (Gen. 2:8-24).

Esaus descendents. Edom means red and the Edomites lived in the mountains to the east and south of the Dead Sea. Because of Edoms attacks on Judah, God promised to take revenge on the Edomites

Egypt, Egyptians
Land and civilization south and west of Israel that flourished along the banks of the Nile River. During the time of Moses, home to enslaved Jews. Part of the Roman Empire during the first century. Throughout the Bible, Egypt was economically dependent on the eastern civilizations of Mesopotamia (Babylon, Assyria, and Persia). Trade routes connecting Egypt to these empires ran through mountain passes of Israel. By placing his people between the Egyptians and eastern empires, God guaranteed that the whole known world would hear his message.

One of the five Philistine city-states, it is the one closest to the Judea Mountains.

Elah Valley
Valley in the Shephelah between the coastal plain and the Judea Mountains. David fought Goliath here.

Older men who were leaders of God's chosen people.

One of the first prophets; name literally means "Yahweh is God." On Mount Carmel, Elijah confronted the pagan prophets and challenged the Israelites to stop wavering between faith in Yahweh and Baal.

En Gedi
Means "place of the spring goat." A canyon and surrounding hills filled with springs that enabled a lush oasis to flourish on the Dead Sea's barren, western shore. Here David hid from Saul and possibly wrote several psalms.

Small town on the hills above the Soreq, near Samson's birthplace.

A highly organized religious group that renounced the priestly establishment and saw themselves as God's soldiers. They strengthened their bodies, minds, and spirits for the battle they believed would usher in the new age. The Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran may have been their library. Some believe that John the Baptist belonged to this group, because his message was similar to that contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some of the beliefs and practices of the Essenes resembled those of Jesus and the early church.

Semicircular recess usually with seats, found in Greek and Byzantine buildings.