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A teacher or master. In Jesus' day, a student would give up his entire life in order to be with his teacher. The disciple didn't only seek to know what the teacher knew, as is usually the case today. It was not enough just to know what the rabbi said, but the foremost goal of any talmid was to become like the rabbi and do what the rabbi did.

Rabbinic Judaism
Jewish religious practice after the Temple was destroyed (AD 70) that centered around the Torah and its interpretation by the rabbis.

To gather crop at harvest time. Reap can also refer to what will happen to someone as a result of their own actions.

Reconcile, reconciliation
To bring peace between two people who have been enemies. The world sinned and was hostile toward God. Then God sent Jesus to reconcile the world to God.

Eating area in communal living.

A hint; referring to a rabbinic teaching technique in which a rabbi would hint at a meaning without actually coming out and saying it. Example: Jesus saying that the sellers and money changers had made the Temple a den of robbers, referring to the Jeremiah 7 passage in which Jeremiah berates religious leaders for their idolatry and false religion.

Robinson's Arch
One of the largest masonry arches (75 feet tall, more than 45 feet across) in the ancient world; supported a massive staircase that ran from the Tyropean Valley and the Lower City to the Royal Stoa (the place of buying and selling, the location of the temple treasury); destroyed in AD 70 by the Romans.