Missionary Journeys Of St. Paul

Missionary Journeys of St. Paul

During one of his missionary journeys St. Paul visited Ephesus in Turkey.
He stays in the city about three years (Acts 19:1-20). In Ephesus Paul discovers twelve believers who were baptized but who did'nt as yet have God's spirit. Paul baptizes them in His name and they receive God's Holy Spirit (Acts 19:1-7).

Seven Churches of Revelation

Seven Churches of Revelation

In looking at the letters to the 7 Churches, we see the Lord speaking directly to the 7 Churches
that existed in the Holy land at the time John lived. We also see the Lord's opinion of those Churches, and what they were doing
at the time: Ephesus, Pergamon, Laodicea, Sardis, Thyatira, Smyrna, Philadelphia churches.

Biblical Sites in Turkey

Biblical sites in Turkey

Turkey is called the Other Holy Land as it has more biblical sites than any other country in the Middle East.
Antioch - the place where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians; Tarsus - where Apostle Paul was born and many others..

Attalia (Antalya) Acts 14:25

Not to be confused with Attalia in Lydia, this city near the mouth of the Cataractes River (modern Aksu) was the chief port of Pamphylia. After a temporary peace was established in 188 BCE at Apameia, western Pamphylia came under the control of Pergamum.

Because the port at Side was still outside the boundary of his Kingdom, Attalus II, King of Pergamum (159-138 BCE) founded the new Mediterranean port at Attalia (and apparently named it after himself). Upon his death it was passed to his son Attalus III, who willed to Rome when he died. The Roman grip on the city was from time to time challenged by pirates.

The city today bears the ruins of antiquity in a modest museum. A tower over the harbor (Hidirlik Kulesi) bears evidence of a lighthouse that existed on that location since the C2 CE, probably built over the mausoleum of a hero that stood at the time of St. Pauls visit. Also from that century is the three-arched Hadrianic gate built about 135 CE.
The city became the seat of the Bishop from the rise of Christianity in the Empire until 1084, when the city was elevated again to the seat of the Archbishopric. It has Ottoman period walls, and two prominent mosques: the C16th CE Murat Pasa Mosque and the C18th CE Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque.

Biblical Sites in Turkey List

Adramyttium Edremit Derbe Ekinozu Miletos Milet Pisidian Antioch (Yalvac)
Assos Behramkale Ephesus Selcuk Myra Demre Sardis
Attalia Antalya Hierapolis Nicea Iznik Seleucia
Cappadocia Province Iconium Konya Patara Smyrna (Izmir)
Charchemish (Jerablus) Istanbul Perga Perge Tarsus
Cnidus Laodicea Pergamum Thyatira
Colossae Honaz Lystra Philadelphia Troas (Dalyan)