Missionary Journeys Of St. Paul

Missionary Journeys of St. Paul

During one of his missionary journeys St. Paul visited Ephesus in Turkey.
He stays in the city about three years (Acts 19:1-20). In Ephesus Paul discovers twelve believers who were baptized but who did'nt as yet have God's spirit. Paul baptizes them in His name and they receive God's Holy Spirit (Acts 19:1-7).

Seven Churches of Revelation

Seven Churches of Revelation

In looking at the letters to the 7 Churches, we see the Lord speaking directly to the 7 Churches
that existed in the Holy land at the time John lived. We also see the Lord's opinion of those Churches, and what they were doing
at the time: Ephesus, Pergamon, Laodicea, Sardis, Thyatira, Smyrna, Philadelphia churches.

Biblical Sites in Turkey

Biblical sites in Turkey

Turkey is called the Other Holy Land as it has more biblical sites than any other country in the Middle East.
Antioch - the place where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians; Tarsus - where Apostle Paul was born and many others..

Assos (Behramkale) Acts 20:13,14

This seaport is located on the southern Troad, opposite the Island of Lesbos (due south) is located near Cape Lectum. The position of the harbor made it less susceptible to the northerlies, a constant wind that made navigation difficult at certain times of the year.
The harbor was engineered and is not a natural one, according to a reference from the historian Strabo (Geography 13.1.57). Established about 1000 BCE by Aeolians from nearby Mitylene, the city passed through history with the succession of rulers of the Lydians, Persians, Pergamenes, and Romans.
The city that has such impressive remains today was built on a mound of rock over 700 feet high carefully surrounded by a wall in the C4BCE by Hermias, the Philosopher King. A student of Plato, Hermias tried to live according to the lessons he had learned by his tutor. Aristotle taught here for several years, and married an adopted daughter of King Hermias.

The ruins today stand as a marker for that C4 BCE city. Excavations have uncovered a temple to Athena that appears to have been built about 520 BCE. The interesting structure combines Doric and Ionic elements but sadly has been dismantled and shipped to museums in Paris, Boston and Istanbul. The agora, gymnasium, several baths, and a theatre complex resemble the organization of Pergamum . In the New Testament St. Paul left by boat and sailed to across to Mitylene on Lesbos Island (Acts 20:14) before eventually giving his great address at Miletos to the Ephesian elders (Acts 20:15-38).
Biblical Sites in Turkey List

Adramyttium Edremit Derbe Ekinozu Miletos Milet Pisidian Antioch (Yalvac)
Assos Behramkale Ephesus Selcuk Myra Demre Sardis
Attalia Antalya Hierapolis Nicea Iznik Seleucia
Cappadocia Province Iconium Konya Patara Smyrna (Izmir)
Charchemish (Jerablus) Istanbul Perga Perge Tarsus
Cnidus Laodicea Pergamum Thyatira
Colossae Honaz Lystra Philadelphia Troas (Dalyan)